In 2016 , let's talk about port wine in a relaxed and informal way.
We ask questions and want to hear the answers.
Eager to understand better, learn more, see beyond the obvious, feel differently , we organized 8 Port Wine day Talks with experienced and bold speakers.
We challenge them to speak on each topic in just 15 minutes .

(Mandatory registration, limited sitting places - portwineday@portwineday.pt)
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10:00 - 10:15
How to build a vine and wine guide?
Previous to the wine experience, there's your search. It's in this perspective that the speaker Maria João de Almeida tells us about the wine tourism guides as essential parts in the wine experience; which is taken into account in the construction of a guide of vine and wine and feedback from the reader / tourist and interaction with the producer.
Maria João de Almeida
Maria João de Almeida is a journalist since 1995, having specialized later in the area of ​​wine. She collaborated with DN Magazine, "Viver no Campo", Epicur, "Máxima", among others. She worked at TVI and joined the staff of Express, where she was part of the team that produced the "Guia das Rotas dos Vinhos de Portugal " and coordinated various items dedicated to the areas of food and wine. Since 2006, she writes chronicles for important Brazilian publications such as The State of São Paulo and the magazine "Veja". Mª João is a jury member of several competitions of wine and national and international cuisine. In 2009, she launched a site in the area of ​​wine, gastronomy and tourism www.mariajoaodealmeida.com, and "VinhoTV", the first television channel dedicated to wine on the web. She writes about wine for television and series of programs dedicated to wine and wine tourism on board of TAP. She is also former of wine tasting courses and the Marketing Wine Tourism course at the "Lusófona" University . She is the editor of the "Escanção"magazine.
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10:20 - 10:35
How will we buy wine in 2030?
André Ribeirinho joins the Port Wine day in 2016 to talk about the future of access to wine. The question "how to find and get the wine today and tomorrow" is one of the central pillars of his intervention.
André Ribeirinho
André Ribeirinho is a co-founder of the #winelover community and an unofficial ambassador for Port wine. He represents Portugal in the Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Guide. Specifically, André runs Adegga, a Wine Marketplace that also organizes the Adegga WineMarkets, a series of consumer wine events in Europe. André’s company is responsible for such innovations in the wine industry as the AVIN and the SmartWineGlass
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10:40 - 10:55
5 senses of wine
In 2016, the Port Wine day questions how we experience Port. Janna Meppelink, based on her NOMOHq blog, which addresses the theme of sensory experience of wine, comes from Netherlands to tell us about how each way affects our relationship with wine.
Janna Rijpma Meppelink
Janna Rijpma Meppelink is an international wine expert, wine-entertainer and journalist. She is consultant, agent, concepts-creator, performer and gives lectures all over the world. Founder & owner of www.nomoh.nl, the website dedicated to our senses. Writer of columns, articles and wine travellogs for newspapers, internet and glossy magazine’s. Member of the F.I.J.E.V. Tributed as is international jury-member for a variety of winecompetitions s.a. “, Decanter, Woman Winemaker of the year South Africa, Concours Mondial Bruxelles, Mundus Vini and Concours du Vin & 5 Stars VinItaly Wine Competition. Entertainer for international wine and food events. Performer of the "the Bordeaux Suite", in which the winestory of Bordeaux is declaimed in word and music. Writer of several books in the serie: “The Wine Guide for Business people”. Janna is specialized in projects where the world of wine and gastronomy meet.
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11:00 - 11:15
Reading Wine
Vivino creator Heini Zachariassen will try to shed some light on how an app can impact the way people connect with wine and form an opinion about it. After all, app's are our new tools to perceive the world so is the power to the consumer?
Heini Zachariassen, app Vivino
Heini is the Founder and CEO of Vivino, the world’s largest wine community. Heini’s drive to solve problems and never-get-too-comfortable attitude have propelled Vivino’s exponential growth. With more than $37 million in funding, Heini continues to drive Vivino’s global expansion. Having co-founded several startups, including global internet and mobile security company BullGuard, Heini has a storied background in software development and mobile innovation and a track record for building successful global businesses. Heini leads the team from Vivino’s headquarters in San Francisco, where he resides with his wife and three children.
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11:20 - 11:35
Grape Varieties and Wines
This debate will be a moment to understand the economic, cultural and natural value of the genetic heritage of a wine region. António Graça will also be challenged to answer about how we communicate the diversity and richness of the genetic heritage, namely the two paths of identity and differentiation.
António Graça
Antonio Graça is an Oenology MSc. He made wines for Ferreira Port and Casa Ferreirinha. Today, he heads R&D for SOGRAPE. He co-founded PORVID, world’s largest project for grapevine diversity.
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11:40 - 11:55
Wine on social media
It's safe to say that the internet is our 6th sense. The speaker Ryan Opaz will talk about the impact / influence that social networks have on the way people experience the wine and try to respond to social media towards or away consumer and producer.
Ryan Opaz
Born in Minnesota, USA Ryan is the co-founder of Catavino.net, Born Digital Wine Awards and the Digital Wine Communications Conference. Today Ryan helps travelers to discover Portugal and it's wine via custom tours and wine/food experiences. Ryan has spoken about wine, social media and new technologies at Wine Future,London International Wine Fair, Essência do Vnho, London Boutique Winery Tasting, Bibendum Annual Tasting, International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop, Fine Wine and many more. A Certified Sherry Wine Educator and Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood, Ryan loves cooking, photography and sharing good Port wine with friends.
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12:00 - 12:15
Drinking with your eyes
On this trip the way wine awakens, proposed by the Port Wine day 2016, we have to speak about the labels of wine and about the role they play in building an opinion on the product. We invite designer Rita Rivotti, specialized in designing wine labels, to explain us how to create a label in order to appeal to all consumer senses.
Rita Rivotti
For Rita, creating a label is a complex and passionate work. Between visiting the Quintas and going to Alentejo, she studies, walks around, laughs with her daughters and in this the "we love what we do" slogan couldn't make more sense. Without this love, none of this would be possible.
08 /
12:20 - 12:35
Innovate with Port Wine
Paul Russell- Pinto - Port wine as an example of harmonization in sensory analysis. | Expanding the boundaries of "traditional" links of Port wine and food. Carlos Santiago ( Barman of the year 2015) - The importance of communication of a representative portuguese product in the world of restoration | The versatility of Port wine in cocktails.
Carlos Santiago (Barman do Ano 2015)
Barman of the year 2015
Paulo Russel Pinto
Wine educator and member of the Porto and Douro Wines Institute Tasting Chamber.